General Metal Fabrication

We work with all types of metal from Copper and Brass architectural detail work to custom car panels.



Decorative Metal Work 

Railway iron foot rail installed at Emerson's Brewery. Fabricated from heavy duty railway iron, descaled, and treated with metal conditioner before being installed on site.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Floor Grating 

Kitchen moat fabrication and installation.

Important for Kitchen safety in commercial hospitality environments, Kitchen floor moats create easy to clean work spaces. Constructed from Stainless Steel to fit the requirements of any Restaurant or Commercial kitchen to improve sanitation and to meet Food standards certification requirements.

Installed to contain spills and enable easy cleaning areas.

Irrigation Control Gate

Manual and automatic water control valves 

Constructed to control water flows from permitted water supplies, these valves were installed to help maintain levels in farm storage dams. Metalworks Otago designed and built the stainless fittings to house the valves that control the water race offtake.

In 2021 all existing water rights are going to be reviewed and taken into account under the Resource Management Act. Water control valves allow farms to monitor and control their water use for recording and legislative purposes. 


Shelving Display Units

Powder coated steel display fences for wine shelves. These types of shelving fences have become popular for containing bottles on shelves following the number of earthquakes experienced in recent times.