Balustrades & Handrails

Indoor and outdoor stairways need a handrail for user safety and to meet the Building Code requirements.

We specialise in both domestic and commercial handrails and balustrades, contact us today to find out more about our solutions.

Metalworks Otago can set you up with the handrail you need with the look you want. Compliant with today's safety standards, Our balustrade and handrail solutions are custom made to your requirements.

You can specify your colour and detail and we'll work with you to achieve an end result you'll be proud of. We work with a wide range of metals and can powder coat to any standard colour, so your options for look and feel are only limited by your imagination!

  • Stainless steel handrails
  • Powder coated handrails
  • Handrails fitted to frameless glass balustrades
  • Custom handrail design solutions


Aquinas College in Dunedin (One of the University of Otago Halls of Residence). Metalworks Otago was contracted to carry out structural steel earthquake strengthening, structural steel frame work for new building "pop out". Stainless steel hand rails to the main internal stair and a new galvanised egress stair with stainless handrails. The result is a stylish, functional, and very durable stainless steel handrail installation.

Aurora Hotel

Metalworks Otago was engaged by the new owners of the former Gargills Hotel to build and install handrails to the new entrance of the hotel. We also installed Vertical louvres to the outside of the building as part of our contract installation work with Insol, an architectural external facade design company we work closely with. The building was completely refurbished by various contractors, Metalworks Otago among them.

Dunedin International Airport

Metalworks Otago was commissioned to fabricate and install a new stainless steel handrail to the middle of the steps to Gate 8. This was installed to add a higher level of safety and comfort to travellers.

Emersons Brewery Balustrade

Metalworks Otago was contracted by Calder Stewart Construction to fabricate and install decorative metal work in the new Emersons Brewery building.

Work included the steel balustrade to the entrance stair and mesh balustrade panels to the mezzanine floor, steel skirting panels, railway iron foot rail in the bar.

Other metalwork fabricated included the men's urinal, various stainless steel handrails and the bar shelves and menu display sign brackets.

Toko School Balustrade

Metalworks Otago was contracted by Calder Stewart Construction to fabricate the powder coated steel balustrade sections for Toko High School. These sections were fabricated in our workshop, powder coated, and transported to site for the builders to install. Once the balustrade was in position the builders fitted a timber handrail.

We also fabricated and installed the stainless steel handrails around the concrete paths and access ramps.